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There are a lot folks who don’t know what twitter is about or how to harness the power therein. So of course, we learn every day via posts like this one.

Today I bring to you a sure fire way to increase your followers on twitter. If you use the microblogging site like most people do, you will realize that the more people who follow your @account, the better. For this cause, folks like twiends have devised ways to get this goal of increasing your followership nailed.

They even go further as to incorporating increase in followership on your facebook page (which most companies and public figures use for reaching out to their audience) and youtube channels as well. It’s a brilliant rendition based on the concept of community and friends or in this case twiends helping twiends.

So hit this link and check it out. If you are in this for the friends, it would be worth your time. Just click here!

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