Alright. We did cover a very similar ground with an earlier post showing how to import your facebook contacts to your yahoo and gmail accounts. Here, we’ll treat how to export your LinkedIn contacts to other email clients like yahoo and Microsoft Outlook.

This is necessary when you need to reach all your contacts with a mass mail of some kind (Note: do not use this as a spamming technique). Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers its users the choice of being able to export connections’ email accounts without having to jump through hoops and mountains.

Here’s how:
1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
2. Point to Contacts and click “My Connections”

3. In my connection page, scroll down to the bottom of the page till you hit the bottom 🙂 We are looking for “Export connections.” Once you find it click it.
4. Click the option you would like to export your contacts in e.g. Yahoo csv, Microsoft outlook etc. Then click  ‘Export’
5. Save the download in a desired disk location and you are good to go.

Exporting LinkedIn contacts to yahoo or MS Outlook

There are little how-to import downloaded contacts, or the ‘newly exported file’ as LinkedIn puts it, in that export page (as shown above). However, you can import these contacts to gmail or yahoo when you choose to download the ‘Yahoo! Mail (CSV file). The process is simple and it was shared here.

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