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Nigerian music
iRocking Player

iRoKING has been dishing out premium Nigerian songs from their well designed website. I am actually having a little trouble finding where to begin to describe the awesome service that these guys are offering and the polished platform they are using to do so.

The service is robust to say the least. It’s not surprising to see this sort of work coming from the same people behind the popular Nollywood Love (iRokingtv) site that hosts Nollywood movies. The success of this similar endeavour is a story for another day.

Shown above is the player that controls the list of song that a user, who is logged into the site via regular sign up or Facebook sign in, sets up in a playlist. Below is the web interface of the service. What most surprises me is the speed at which the audio loads; it takes you literally no time to begin enjoying your playlist as against having to wait long period while the file buffers. It’s a little like Spotify.

How to use:
– Just go to
– Chose a song to play from the list or search for the tracks you want with the search bar.
– hit play on the Music Player and vióla, you’re are rocking to the beat
Note, you might have to login to be able to play a whole list of tracks. Hink: use your facebook detail to login.

That’s it! Let’s go iRoKING!

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