There are so many things you can do to improve your blog and em… the revenue it generates for you. So having done extensive research and brainstorming, I found that it was apt to make this little but very effective inclusion. It has been shown that adding ads to your individual blog post benefits everyone: your readers, who will see links to more relevant content, service or products and to you who will perhaps make a little more dimes on your ad publishing.

The procedure for making similar additions to your blog was gleaned from a lot of websites and blogs but one was particularly helpful. Not only did it provide the steps but an actual tool for a needed conversion was also available.

Here it is…
1. You will need to log into your blogger panel after which you navigate to the Template section where you click on the Edit HTML link under the Live Blog
preview to open up the HTML codes for your blog. Leave the tab for this open.

2. Then log into your adsense account where you generate your ad code. I chose the 250 x 250 square ad unit, you can however choose 300 X 250 medium rectangle ad unit or a 336 x 280 large rectangle ad unit. Copy the generated code and head to this blog for the conversion tool. The tool will help you convert the code generated from your adsense into the acceptable form that would not be rejected by your blog template.

3. After conversion, copy the new code and head back to your open HTML code tab from point 1 above (they say you should make sure to back up the template before tampering with the code, so you should have done so before this stage. This would avoid you going crazy when things go wrong).

4. Now check the expand your widget checkbox and hit the Ctrl+F command on your keyboard to search for the line of code: <data:post.body/>

5. Paste this next code right above it: 
<b:if cond=”data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;”> 
<div style=”float: left; padding: 5px; margin: 5px;”>



6. Make sure you paste the converted code you got from point 3 to avoid any trouble.

That’s it! Your post, old and new, will now have ads in them. Make sure you set the colors to match your blog theme so it doesn’t look outrageous. However, the first home page will not have the ads in them only when individuals posts are opened.

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